Discovering Your Inspiration

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The best place to start and possibly the hardest thing to nail down is the style for your wedding or event. Each individual has their own unique style and this definitely comes into play with wedding floral design. Fresh organic flowers are certainly a delightful addition to any wedding or event to elevate the beauty of the moment. The smell of peonies in the air, the delicate tendrils of a jasmine wreath, or a little tropical splash brought to the heart of the Midwest is never the wrong choice. Our purpose at Yellow Daisy is to help you fully realize that style, but there is so much you can do before we even meet for our consultation! Just determining your favorite bloom and your color palette makes such a difference in the success of the floral design. Of course if you want to leave these decisions up to Yellow Daisy Design that is your call, we guarantee we will do everything to ensure that your personal tastes are developed into something you'll always treasure...But if you want to take these little details on by the horns then Pinterest is the place for you! The Yellow Daisy Design Pinterest is specifically designed just to help you discover what florals you can't live without. Just click on the link and dive into what might become your favorite element to your unforgettable day! Then when you're all ready for your consultation with your quiver of Pinterest ideas in hand, just click this link and Contact Us for your free consultation. We can't wait to meet you and hear all about it!

Yellow Daisy Design services: Amery, New Richmond, Osceola, Balsam Lake, Somerset, St Croix Falls, Hudson, and the Minneapolis, St Paul area. We are always willing to travel, so please contact us!

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