Behind the Name

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One of the most impossible things to decide on when starting a new business venture is your business name. It's how you're going to represent yourself to the world of other businesses and potential clients. So why did we choose Yellow Daisy Design? Simply put, a yellow daisy has always brought to mind the first bouquet I remember and that’s my mom’s. Amery, Wisconsin summer fields are filled with beautiful yellow and white daisies. In 1968 when my mom was about to marry her handsome man they simply didn't have the budget for a florist. Looking out at the daisy-spotted fields she simply gathered a bouquet of hand-picked flowers and that is what she carried down the aisle that memorable day. To us this name represents the beauty she found just in her own backyard and how something beautiful can come from something so simple and sweet. At Yellow Daisy Design we think it's important that our brides receive something beautiful and unique they can admire no matter what their budget. This is what we always endeavor to achieve with every client.

Yellow Daisy Design services: Amery, New Richmond, Osceola, Balsam Lake, Somerset, St Croix Falls, Hudson, and the Minneapolis, St Paul area. We are always willing to travel, so please contact us!